Bills of Fare for February french

Dinner for 16 or 20 Persons

Mock turtle soup .
Carlton House soup.

2 Fishes.
Turbot with lobster sauce.
Fillets of soles a la Rouennaise.

2 Removes.
Glazed ham with spinach.
Capons with truffles a la Perigueux.

6 Entrees.
Chatreuse of partridges.
Croustade with quenelles a la Lucullus.
Mutton cutlets larded, chevreuil sauce.
Salmis of snipes a la bonne-bouche.
Fricassee of chickens with mushrooms.
Supreme of pheasant, puree of chestnuts.

2 Roasts.

2 Removes.
Iced biscuits with vanilla
Souffle of ground rice.

6 Entremets.
Broccoli with Parmesan cheese.
Aspic border with Italian salad.
Orange jelly.
Chocolate cream.
Pears a la conde.
Genoese glaces with noyeau.