Bills of Fare for February french

Dinner for 12 or 14 Persons

Mulligatawney soup .
Clear Italian paste soup.

2 Fishes.
Crimpt cod, oyster sauce.
Fillets of gurnets a la cardinal.

2 Removes.
Roast saddle of mutton.
Boiled fouls and tongue a la Macedoine.

4 Entrees.
Sweetbread cutlets a la Villeroi.
Salmis of woodcocks a la chasseur.
Fillets of rabbits larded a la Toulouse.
Boudins of pheasant a la Richelieu.

2 Roasts.
Black game.

2 Removes.
Ginger pudding.
Apple fritters.

6 Entremets.
Seakale with white sauce.
Canapees a la Prince of Wales.
Coffee cream.
Apricots and rice.
Compote of chestnuts vermicellied.
Savarin cake with maraschino.