Bills of Fare for November french

Dinner for 18 Persons

Puree of carrots à la Cressy.
Consomme of pheasant with quenelles.

2 Fishes
Crimpt cod, oyster sauce.
Turbot à la cardinal.

2 Removes.
Fillet of veal à la jardiniere.
Braized ham with spinach.

6 Entrees.
Border of rice a la Reine.
Pate-chaud a la financiere.
Mutton cutlets a la Russe.
Salmis of grouse a la Richelieu.
Fillets of hare larded, poivrade sauce.
Supreme of fowls a la Victoria.

2 Roasts
Wild ducks.

2 Removes.
Iced Love's cartridges.
Kouglauffe with almond whip.

6 Entremets.
Braized celery, brown sauce.
Mayonaise of lobster.
Brown bread pudding.
Neapolitan cake.
Maraschino jelly.
Supreme of fruits.