Bills of Fare for October french

Dinner for 8 Persons

Le potage à la Julienne.
Baked haddock, Italian sauce.

2 Removes.
Braized neck of mutton en chevreuil.
Roast pheasant a la Chipolata.

2 Entrees.
Pork cutlets, tomata sauce.
Curried rabbit and rice.

Roast black game.
Omelet with oysters.

4 Entremets.
Potatoes a la Duchess.
Apple tartlets.
Semolina pudding.

Dinner for 6 Persons

Giblet soup .
Turbot grilled, brown caper sauce.

1 Remove.
Braized leg of mutton a la Bernaise.

2 Entrees.
Ox-palates a la Florentine.
Chickens a la Tartare.

Roast partridges.
Dressed broccoli.

4 Entremets.
Cintra fritters.
Noyeau jelly.
Mecca loaves.
Pine-apple pudding.