Calf's Tails Soup

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Cut up two calves' tails into pieces about an inch and a half long; place those in a stewpan with a carrot, an onion stuck with four cloves, celery, a bunch of parsley, half a bay-leaf and thyme, a small bit of mace and four shalots; fill up with two quarts of stock; and boil very gently by the side of the fire for about an hour and a half, when the pieces of tail will be done.

hey must then be strained from the stock, washed in cold water, drained, and set aside; while their stock must be placed in a stewpan with six ounces of white thickening, No. 10, stirred over the fire, until it boils, allowed to throw up slowly by the side of the stove, to remove all grease, &c.; skimmed, and strained into a soup-pot containing the pieces of calf's tails and a few small forcemeat quenelles.

Five minutes before dinner-time, having first made the soup hot, stir gently into it a leason of four yolks of eggs, a gill of cream, a glass of sherry, a very little nutmeg, pepper, and salt, and an ounce of grated Parmesan cheese; and when the soup has been stirred over the fire for three minutes longer, serve.

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