Crayfish Soup

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Prepare the sauce for this soup in tho same manner as for lobster soup, No. 169. Boil three dozen crayfish with a glass of sherry and a little stock; and when done, strain their liquor to the sauce; pick the tails from the shells, and keep them in reserve: clear all the pith from the body-shells without breaking them, and keep these also in reserve; pound tho shells, pith and claws, add this to the sauce, and, having rubbed it through the tammy, pour the soup into a small soup-pot.

Fill the body-shells with a little forcemeat seasoned with chopped parsley and shalot, and a little anchovy, and bake them on a baking-sheet in the oven for six minutes.

All this being ready, make the soup hot by stirring it over the fire; skim it; season with lobster butter, No. 129, a little cayenne, lemon-juice, anchovy, and a glass of sherry, and pour it into the tureen containing the tails and bodies of the crayfish, and serve hot.

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