D'Esclignac Soup

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Break six fresh whole eggs into a basin, add thereto half a pint of cream, a gill of strong stock (game or poultry if possible), a little nutmeg, pepper, and salt; beat this up with a fork until well mixed, and strain the mixture into a plain mould which has been previously lightly buttered round the sides and bottom to prevent this savory custard from sticking to the mould, while it is being gently steamed over a slow fire, in a covered stewpan containing a little hot water; and, when the custard has become firm to the touch—which will take about half an hour, allow it to become cold; and after having turned it out upon a plate, cut it into neat square pieces the size of a filbert; place these gently in a soup tureen; add some clear bright game or chicken consomme, and serve.

A few asparagus-peas, green peas, or French beans cut small, may be added when in season.

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