Raviolis Soup

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First, prepare the raviolis in manner following: viz., —mix half a pound of flour with two raw eggs, a little salt, and a small pat of butter, and this done, roll out the paste as thin as a sheet of paper; and while the paste is being prepared, get ready the following mixture:—two ounces of roasted poultry or game, one ounce of ham, four cleaned anchovies, one ounce of cooked spinach, one shalot, three hard yolks of eggs, two raw yolks, four ounces of hard curd; season highly with nutmeg and pepper, and one ounce of grated Parmesan cheese,—no salt.

Next, with a paste-brush slightly moisten the rolled-out paste before you, and having placed small round portions of the raviolis mixture at an inch and a half distance from each other, lift the edge of the paste left sufficiently wide for that purpose, upon these; fasten each round the edge by pressing tightly with the edge of the thumb, and stamp the raviolis out with a small fluted tin cutter, and place them on a floured baking-sheet to dry.

Having used up the paste and mixture in this manner, and when tho raviolis have become dry over their surface, throw or drop them into boiling water, in order to parboil them for about six minutes; and having drained them upon a hair sieve, add to them some good strong game stock; season with a glass of madeira and a pinch of mignionette pepper, and serve hot: this is one of the very best soups it is possible to send to a good table.

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