Mulligatawney Soup

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Peel and slice up a dozen onions, and put these into a stewpan with four ounces of butter, and fry them without colour over a slow fire; when this is done, add six unpeeled apples cut in slices; and as soon as these have been dissolved over the fire, mix in six ounces of flour, two tablespoonfuls of curry paste (Crosse and Blackwell's is best), and a good spoonful of curry powder; moisten with three quarts of good stock; stir over the fire until the soup boils, and then set it to continue gontty simmering by the side, to allow all grease, &c, to rise to the surface; remove this, rub the soup smoothly through a sieve or tammy; and having poured it into a. soup-pot, add poultry, game, veal, or pork, or any kind of fish, previously cooked, and cut into neat square pieces; boil together for a few minutes, and serve with plain boiled rice in a separate dish.

Note.—When pieces of ox-taiL ox-cheek, tendons of veal, calf's brains, tails or feet, rabbit, &c, garnish the soup, it is then designated oxtail, &c, a l'lndienne, or oxtail soup in the Indian fashion.

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