Ox-Cheek Soup

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Thoroughly wash the cheek in tepid water, and then parboil, or scald it over the fire with a handful of salt in the water; and having again washed the cheek, place it in a stewpan with carrots, turnips, celery, four onions —one stuck with twelve cloves—a blade of mace, twenty peppercorns, and a garnished bunch of parsley, bay-leaf, and thyme; fill up with stock or water; boil and skim well, and then set it to boil gently by the side of the fire for about four hours, when the cheek will be done sufficiently tender to enable you easily to remove the meat from the jaw-bone ; and, having set the pieces in press between two dishes to become cold, proceed to clarify the stock as directed in No. 6, and having, with the clarified stock from the ox-cheek prepared a jardiniere soup, No. 133, cut the cheek into inch-square pieces; put these in with the soup; boil together for a few minutes, and serve.

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