Oxtail Soup

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Cut up an oxtail through the joints; boil the pieces for ten minutes in water—drain and cool them; and then with a meat saw divide the larger pieces into four—by holding the saw between the chest and the edge of the table firmly, so as that, by pressing the pieces of tail upon the edge of the saw, and then drawing them sharply to and fro, they will be easily divided.

Next, place the pieces of oxtail in a stewpan with carrot, onion, celery, garnished bunch of parsley and thyme, six. cloves, a blade of mace and a dozen peppercorns; fill up with a gallon of good slock, or water (if the latter, three pounds of gravy beef must be added); set them on the fire to boil, skim well, and then set the stewpan to boil gently by the side of the fire until the pieces of tail are done: this will take about two hours.

As soon as done, the stock must be strained from the tails, cleared from all grease, and after being clarified (see No. 6), must be strained into a soup-pot containing scooped carrots and turnips, button onions, and celery cut in the same manner as for jardiniere soup, No. 133, and being finished in exactly the same way, pour it into the soup-tureen already containing the pieces of oxtail, previously made hot.

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