Provencale Soup, or Bouillabaisse

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Divide two Portugal onions into quarters, and having shred these, fry them in a stewpan with two tablespoonfuls of salad-oil until the onions acquire a light colour; then add a dessert-spoonful of Spanish sweet red pepper, a little salt, and a quart of good stock, or water; boil together for three minutes, and then add some small slices of fillets of any kind of fish most agreeable or convenient; boil these for a few minutes, and serve the bouillabaisse with the crusts cut from a French roll fried in a little oil or butter.

Note.—For economy sake, or to suit the taste of those who prefer eating the fish separately from the soup, slices of any fish of larger size may be cooked in the soup, and served in a dish, with one of the numerous varieties of sauces contained in this work.

No. 178