Fillets of Soles

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First, skin the sole, and then lay it flat on the table, and with the point of a sharp knife make a deep incision right along the backbone, and then inserting the knife close to the head between the fillet and the fin bones, and by dexterously slipping the edge of the knife under the fillet up to the fins—from head to tail, the fillet will be easily removed entire and free from jags; and thus, having filleted as many soles as may be required for your intended purpose, divide each fillet across the centre; trim the ends neatly and place them symmetrically in a sautapan containing about two ounces of clarified butter; season with lemon-juice and a little pepper and salt; set the sautapan on the fire, or in the oven to cook the fillets, and in ten or twelve minutes, if thoroughly done, drain them upon a cloth to absorb the grease; dish them up in a circular form, each fillet overlying the other; pour over them either of the following sauces, and serve:—maitre-d'hotel, ravigotte, Dutch, cardinal, white matelotte, shrimp, Indian, Italian, muscle, or green ravigotte.

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