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Take about half a pound of any kind of game—say the flesh of a grouse, partridge, rabbit, woodcock, or snipes, larks, &c.; cut this up in small squares, and fry it with an ounce of butter, a little ham, chopped truffle, mushrooms, parsley, and shalot; season with nutmeg, pepper and salt; and when done brown, pound thoroughly in the mortar with a good spoonful of sauce; rub it through a wire sieve, and place the game puree thus produced in a small stewpan; add the yolks of four eggs, and the four whites whisked into a substantial froth; mix lightly, and with this preparation fill a dozen or more paper cases, see No. 325; egg over the tops with a paste-brush dipped in beaten white of egg, push them in a moderately heated oven to bake for about twelve minutes, and as soon as done, dish up the bonnes-bouches on a napkin, and serve immediately, for this delicate preparation is materially deteriorated in its lightness by being kept waiting any length of time before it is eaten.

No. 357