Shoulder of Lamb Braized

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For this purpose it is necessary to bone, that is to say, to remove all the bones from the saddle of lamb; and when this has been effected without injury to the upper part of the skin of the saddle, let it be filled in with forcemeat, or Godiveau, No. 190: this is to be securely fastened in, by neatly and carefully rolling up the forced saddle of lamb in a napkin spread with butter, and then again, by tightly securing the ends with tied string. The saddle thus far prepared, must be braized in white stock, with the usual complement of stock vegetables, for about an hour and a half; and when done, and taken out of the braize, must be left in the napkin, and pressed between two dishes with a fourteen-pound weight on the top dish: the saddle must be allowed to remain in the cold until set quite firm; it may then be removed from the napkin, slightly trimmed, made hot in a little of the stock without boiling (as that might deform it), placed on its dish, garnished round with four lamb's-breads larded, and four decorated quenelles, placed alternately, some truffles, cock's combs, and button mushrooms; glaze the saddle, pour some Allemande sauce round the base, and serve.

Note.—Saddles of lamb prepared in this fashion may also be garnished with any kind of dressed vegetables.

No. 436