Shoulder of Lamb a la Montmorency

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Saw off the nob, or knuckle-bone, from the shank of a shoulder of lamb; remove the blade-bones without cutting through the meat or skin which covers it; fill the cavity thus occasioned with well-seasoned forcemeat; gather up the edges of the shoulder by means of a trussing-needle and small twine, by drawing them up in purse-like fashion, so as to securely hold the forcemeat within the cavity of the shoulder. Next, with the point of a small knife make a circular incision all round the inner part of the plump cushion, to the depth of the eighth of an inch, and then dexterously shave off the superficial skin which covers the inner part of the circle thus traced out: this bared part of the shoulder is to be closely and neatly larded in the usual way, and braized as directed for necks of mutton larded; it is also to he finished in the same manner, and when dished up, should be garnished with a Toulouse ragout, No. 125.

Note.—Shoulders of lamb, either larded or not, prepared as above, may also be garnished as indicated for legs and necks of mutton.

No. 435