Saddle of Mutton a la Polonaise

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This is generally prepared from the remains of a saddle of mutton, left from the joint which has been dressed for a previous day's dinner, and becomes therefore a most economical dish, a circumstance which by no means detracts from its recommendation to the notice of every epicure. Cut all the meat from the saddle of mutton, and mince it fine; put this into a stewpan with enough brown sauce to moisten it; season with chopped parsley and shalot, nutmeg, pepper and salt, and a spoonful of Oude sauce; stir over the fire for about ten minutes until quite hot; and while this is going on, prepare the pulp of a dozen baked potatoes mixed with two ounces of butter, four yolks of eggs, nutmeg, pepper and salt; stir this over the fire until it ceases to adhere to the stewpan, and thus becomes a rather firm kind of paste; roll it with flour on the table, and with it form an ornamental sort of wall on the dish round the saddle-of-mutton bone—so as to give it the appearance of its original shape; place the mince in the centre; strew some raspings, or fried bread-crumbs all over the top; egg over the potato wall, and put it in a sharp oven to bake it of a light-brown colour; when done, place six or eight delicately-poached eggs on the surface; pour some gravy or poivrade sauce round the base, and serve.

Note.—Legs, loins, or shoulders of mutton may be turned to the same account, giving each its original shape by using the potato-paste for that purpose.

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