Neck of Mutton with Puree of Sorrel

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Trim a neck of mutton and lard it, or not—for this purpose; if the neck of mutton is intended to be dressed plain, let it be neatly trimmed as for boiling, braized as recommended in No. 418, and when dished up, on a puree of sorrel, No. 119a, previously placed in the centre of the dish, garnish it round with a border of glazed spring-carrots; pour its reduced stock over the neck of mutton, and serve.

Note.—Braized necks of mutton, whether larded or plain, may also be served, either with any kind of puree of vegetables, or, any vegetable garnish, such as glazed onions, turnips, Jardiniere, &c., dressed tomatas, &c.

No. 422