Yorkshire Veal Cake

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Prepare the following ingredients: viz.,—about a pound and a half of veal collops, three-quarters of a pound of thin slices of ham, or of streaky bacon (previously parboiled for ten minutes to remove its saltness), four eggs boiled hard. Some aspic jelly, No. 7, must have been prepared with a pound of knuckle of veal, the trimmings from the collops, and a calf's foot or cow-heel; or, failing these, four ounces of gelatine may be used instead. Next take an earthen pie-pan—such as is commonly used for potting meats, &c.; spread or pour a layer of the aspic jelly at the bottom, of about the sixteenth of an inch deep, and upon this place in neat circles a layer of veal collops; season with pepper and salt, chopped parsley and shalot, then put a layer of ham, and upon this a layer of hard eggs cut in neat slices; repeat the seasoning and aspic jelly, and so on, until the whole of the ingredients are used up. Cover the pie-pan or basin with stiff flour-and-water paste; bake it on a baking-sheet containing a little water to prevent the possibility of the aspic jelly contained in the cake from being dried up (an accident which might occur if the oven happen to be too hot). Bake the pie or cake for an hour and a quarter in moderate heat, and when done, set it in a cold place until the next day; it may then be turned out whole on a dish, garnished with fresh parsley, and served for breakfast or luncheon.

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