Yorkshire Hare Cake

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Remove all the flesh from a have in as large pieces as possible,—that is, take out the fillets, remove the shoulders and hind quarters, and bone them; cut all the meat into collops about a quarter of an inch thick, and set them aside on a plate: with the carcass and trimmings, and a cow-heel or calf's-foot, make some well-seasoned aspic jelly, No. 7; prepare also some thin slices of ham and hard eggs, seasoning, &c, as indicated for veal cake, using for game cakes the addition of aromatic seasoning, No. 671. In all respects prepare and finish the hare cake as directed in No. 512.

Note.—These cakes are excellent, and inexpensive in their preparation, and may be varied by using pork, beef, mutton, venison, poultry, or any kind of game in their composition, instead of veal or hare,

No. 513