Tourte of Godiveau

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Make a tourte shell or crust in manner following. viz.,—first, make half a pound of puff-paste, and give it four turns in the usual manner; make also half a pound of short-paste; take half of this; knead it into a round ball; roll it to the size of a dinner-plate; put it on a round baking-sheet, and place a tampion of soft paper rolled in the form of a bun in the centre.

Tourte of Godiveau

The puff-paste must then be rolled out to the length of twenty inches, lightly wetted over with a paste-brush dipped, in water, and folded lengthwise in three; this must be rolled again in its width, just sufficient to make it about four inches wide; the paste being again wetted, must now be again folded in three as before: by this time, it should form a band measuring twenty inches long, and two inches wide, and half an inch thick.

The edges of the band of paste must now be pared away, with a small sharp knife held perpendicularly in the right hand, whilst the paste must be slightly pressed on the slab with the fore part of the fingers.

Next, add the trimmings of the puff-paste to the remaining half of the short-paste; knead both together; roll this out to the size of a dinner-plate, and, after having first wetted round the edge of the foundation, place it over the tampion and press it down all round with the thumb; wet the edge of the tourte round again, and apply the band in the following manner: viz.,—take hold of the band at both ends, and begin by fastening that held in the right hand round the tourte, and continue fixing the band all round the edge as fast as it is dropped in its place from the left hand; press the first end down so as to thin it; wet this part with the brush, and after paring away a little from the other end, so as to thin that also, fasten both together so as to join them.

Press the band down all round with the thumb, and flute it round the edge by jagging it slightly with the back of a knife. The tourte must now be egged over with a paste-brush, so as to carefully avoid smearing the edges of the band.

Place it in a moderately-heated oven, and bake it of a light colour; and when done, withdraw it; make an incision all round the inside of the band; lift off the cover; remove the tampion of paper; place the tourte on its dish; garnish with a ragout composed of brains, sweetbread, quenelles of godiveau, mushrooms, and truffles, and crayfish on the top; sauce with poivrade or Financiere, and serve.

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