Croustade of Larks

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Take a square-shaped stale quartern-loaf, and use a sharp knife to carve it in the shape of the croustade represented in the annexed woodcut; and when finished, stick a fork in the centre of it, and plunge it gently and entirely in some very hot lard, and fry it of a bright-fawn colour; stick it on the centre of its dish, with a little white of egg and flour mixed into a paste, and set it aside until dinner-time.

Croustade of Larks

Bone eighteen larks, and stuff each with a little forcemeat and a small truffle, cut off the legs, and give them the form of round-balls; place them in rows with clarified butter in a sautapan; season with pepper and salt, cover them with a circular piece of buttered paper, and push them in a rather hot oven for a quarter of an hour, which will suffice to cook them.

When about to send to table, make the croustade hot by placing it for five minutes in the oven, drain the prepared larks, and pile them neatly in the emptied croustade; garnish with button mushrooms and crayfish; pour some perigueux sauce over and round it, and serve.

Note.—Any small birds prepared as indicated above may be used for the purpose, and the garnish may be varied with quenelles, cocks' combs, olives, &c.

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