Fricassee of Chickens a la Havelock

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A couple of chickens are required for this dish; when they have been drawn and singed, remove the legs and wings, and then, with the point of a knife, slit the skin of the breast, spread it off the fillets, and remove these with the pinion-bone left on them.

Fricassee of Chickens a la Havelock

Each fillet must be trimmed, then closely larded, and placed in a small sautapan spread with butter, and moistened with a little good stock; the four minion fillets should be decorated with tongue, turned round in a ring, and set in clarified butter in another small sautapan:—the legs, wings, and the four halves of the back-bones must be put in a stewpan with sliced onion, carrot, celery, a garnished faggot of parsley, a bit of mace, peppercorns and salt.

Moisten with a quart of good stock; boil gently for twenty minutes; strain this stock into a stewpan containing two ounces of butter and the same of flour well kneaded together, and a handful of peelings of clean mushrooms; stir this sauce over the fire to boil for twenty minutes; then add a leason of four yolks of eggs and half a gill of cream, a little nutmeg and lemon-juice, and a good pinch of sugar; stir the sauce again over the fire merely to set the leason, without allowing it to boil; and strain it through a pointed tin strainer (see Adams' Illustrations), on to the trimmed legs, &c, of the chickens, already contained in a small stewpan; add a few button mushrooms, truffles, and cocks' combs.

About twenty minutes before dinner-time, warm the fricassee without boiling; neatly arrange the members in a pile on the dish; dispose the larded fillets and also the small decorated fillets (previously braized and glazed) in symmetrical order on the top of the entree, garnish with groups of the truffles, mushrooms, and cocks' combs, as exemplified in the annexed woodcut, and serve.

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