Chickens a la Inkerman

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Cut up two chickens into members or joints,—that is, divide the legs, wings, and fillets with the pinion-bones left on, the breasts and back-bones having been divided each in two pieces; let these be trimmed, removing the thigh-bones from the legs; fry the whole in a deep sautapan with half a gill of oil, a bay-leaf and thyme, a clove of garlic, a pinch of cayenne and salt; and when done of a light-brown colour, remove the bay-leaf and thyme, pour off the oil, add four ounces of Crosse and Blackwell's conserve of tomatas, an ounce of glaze, a spoonful of Captain White's curry paste, and two glasses of white wine; simmer all together over the fire for ten minutes; dish up in a pile, garnish with fried eggs and small pieces of ham; pour the sauce over the entree, and serve.

No. 621