Baron of Hare, German Fashion

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A baron of hare consists of the hind-quartors and loins, cut across just close to the shoulder-blades. This, after removing the thin pellicle or skin which covers the loins and the upper part of the thighs, should be closely larded, and placed in a deep sauta-pan with a pint of sour cream and a glass of vinegar, and seasoned with a little salt; it should then be put in the oven to bake for about three-quarters of an hom, taking care to baste it frequently with the cream, &c.; and when done tender, pass the red-hot salamander over the larding to render it crisp. Having dished up the baron of hare, pour two glasses of red French wine into the pan; add a large tablespoonful of red-currant jelly; stir all together over the fire for five minutes; strain it over the hare, and serve.

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