Jugged Hare

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Parboil a pound of streaky bacon for twenty minutes to extract the salt; cut it into inch squares; fry these in a stewpan, then add a hare cut into joints; fry these brown, shake in six ounces of flour, moisten with a quart of stock or water, two glasses of port wine, and a like quantity of catsup; add eight rather small onions, a pound of the red part of carrots cut into pieces of about an inch square and neatly shaped, half a pound of mushrooms, a garnished faggot of parsley, pepper and salt; stir altogether over the fire till it boils, and then set it by the side to simmer until the pieces of hare are tender; remove the scum, pour off the sauce into another stewpan to be further reduced by boiling if needed, to give it sufficient consistency, and strain it back to the jugged hare. Just before sending to table, add a glass of port wine and four ounces of currant jelly; make hot, and serve.

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