Escalopes of Mutton Roebuck with Fine-Herbs

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The chump-end of a loin of mutton may be turned to account for this purpose, by first cutting off all the meat in thin slices, and then dividing these into neatly-trimmed collops, and placing them in rows in a sautapan containing an ounce of dissolved butter; season with pepper and salt, fry them quickly over a brisk fire until browned on both sides, then add a tablespoonful of flour, some chopped mushrooms, parsley and shalot, the juice of half a lemon, a spoonful of catsup, and a gill of stock or water; stir altogether over the fire for five minutes; pile up the escalopes in the centre of the dish; garnish round with potato croquets or sippets of toasted bread, and serve.

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