Veal Cutlets a la Financiere

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About six bones of the best end of a neck of veal will be required for this purpose; the chine-bone must first be removed with a small saw, and also the upper part of the cutlet or rib-bones, leaving the bones intended to form the cutlets only about three inches long: the cutlets must then be divided, trimmed, and closely larded. Next, garnish the bottom of a fricandeau-pan (see Adams' Illustrations) with sliced carrot, onion, celery, a garnished faggot of parsley, and an onion stuck with six cloves; place the larded cutlets on this bed of vegetables, with their bones all pointing to the centre of the pan; moisten with stock or water, just enough to reach up to the edge of the larding; cover with a buttered round of paper; set the pan on the fire to boil, and then push it in the oven to braize for about an hour and a half, basting the cutlets frequently with their own liquor; and when they are nearly done, salamander (see Adams' Illustrations) the larding, glaze it, and dish up the cutlets in the reversed position—that is, with the bones under, thus showing the larded part uppermost: use the strained stock from the cutlets to make the sauce for the Financiere, No. 124; garnish and sauce the entree.

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