Mutton Cutlets a la Provencale

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First, chop about six large onions fine and put them into a stewpan with a small piece of garlic, two ounces of butter, nutmeg, pepper and salt, and the juice of a lemon; put the lid on the stewpan, and set it to simmer very gently over a very slow fire, until the onions are quite done, without being fried brown: four yolks of eggs must then be added to bind the onions into a thick kind of paste. Meanwhile your cutlets having been seasoned and fried, or rather sauteed, as it would be most properly termed, cover the one side of each cutlet about half an inch thick with the preparation of onions, &c.; smooth the surface with a knife; egg it over with a brush; sprinkle fried bread-crumbs and grated Parmesan cheese, mixed in equal proportions all over the cutlets; place them in neat order on a buttered sautapan; add a spoonful of gravy by way of moisture under the cutlets; push them in the oven for ten minutes, and when hot, dish them up in a circle; garnish their centre with potatoes scooped out in the shape of small balls and fried; pour some good gravy round the base, and serve.

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