Fillets of Mutton Roebuck Fashion

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Remove the fillet or meaty part wholly from the spinal-bones of a loin of mutton; and then, having pared away all the fat and sinew, divide it across in two equal parts; again subdivide these lengthwise each into four fillets; if properly cut, they will not require trimming. The fillets must be closely larded, and pickled for some hours in a marinade, No. 299; and afterwards drained, and placed in rows on butter in a sautapan, with a gill of their clear pickle, and set in a sharp oven to bake for about a quarter of an hour; when done, they must be salamandered over, (the larding quickly run down over the fire to cause the fillets to absorb all their gravy,) glazed, and dished up in a circle, garnished with French beans, green peas, or fried potatoes, sauced with chevreuil sauce, No. 29, and served.

No. 601