Mutton Cutlets a la Soubise

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Trim a neck of mutton, and divide it into outlets, according to directions given in No. 555; place the cutlets in neat order in a sautapan with an ounce of butter, pepper and salt: fry them brown on both sides alike; shake an ounce of flour over and about the cutlets; moisten with a wineglassful of catsup and half a pint of stock or water; stir or rather move the whole over the fire until it boils, and allow it to stew gently for about twenty minutes; the cutlets should then be dished up in a circle, some thick onion or Soubise sauce, No. 58, piled up in the centre, and after all grease and scum nave been removed from, the sauce, and it has been boiled down to a proper consistency, pour it round the cutlets, and serve.

No. 597