Mutton Cutlets a la Vicomtesse

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Trim, season, and fry the cutlets as in the preceding number; and when done on both sides, add chopped mushrooms, a little cooked ham, or lean of bacon, parsley and shalots; season with nutmeg, pepper and salt, the juice of a lemon, and a good pinch of sugar; add a good tablespoonful of flour, moisten with half a pint of stock, and an ounce of glaze; stir the sauce on the fire until it has boiled for twenty minutes, and has become reduced to a satisfactory consistency or thickness. About four raw yolks of eggs must then be added, and quickly stirred in with the sauce over the fire to bind it; the cutlets and sauce should now be allowed to cool partially, and then each cutlet must be covered and smoothed over with some of the sauce, and placed flat on a dish to become cold and set firm, so as to enable you to egg and bread-crumb them; place the cutlets flatly in order in a frying-basket (see Adams' Illustrations); immerse them in hot lard, and having fried them of a light-brown colour, dish them tip with a small paper frill on the bone of each cutlet; garnish the centre with any kind of dressed vegetable; pour some sauce round the base, and serve.

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