Ox-Palates a la Florentine

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The ox-palates must be soaked in water with a good handful of salt for several hours, being frequently handled to extract the mucus; they must next be parboiled in water with salt until the horny cuticle or skin which covers the roof part is easily scraped off. When thoroughly cleansed, they are to be put in a stewpan with carrot, onion, celery, faggot of parsley, six cloves, mace and peppercorns, a clove of garlic, an ounce of salt, and three quarts of water or stock, and boiled very gently for about four hours when done quite tender, they are to be put in press between two dishes until cold. The best part of the palates should then be stamped out with a circular tin cutter the size of a crown-piece, and put in a stewpan with some of their stock previously boiled down to glaze: the trimmings, together with ham, and the addition of any other meat most convenient, are to be made into Polpetti, No. 354, crumbed, and fried, and dished up alternately with the palates; place some macaroni a la Milanaise, No. 126, in the centre; pour Italian, or any other brown sauce, round the base of the entree, and serve.

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