Boudins of Pheasant a la Richelieu

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Pare off all the flesh from a pheasant, and use it to prepare some forcemeat as described in No. 185, and finish it by incorporating therewith about two table-spoonfuls of brown puree of onions; use the carcass of the pheasant to prepare some Richelieu sauce as shown in No. 63. Roll out the forcemeat with flour on the table in the form of oval cutlets, measuring about two and a half inches long by one and a half wide and a quarter of an inch thick; and as you shape these boudins, drop them carefully into some nearly boiling water with, salt,—remembering that they must not boil, as that would spoil them in a measure:—when done, drain the boudins on a cloth until cold, and then after egging them over, bread-erunib and fry them in clarified butter in a sautapan; and when done, and dished up, sauce them with the Richelieu sauce prepared as indicated above.

No. 626