Rabbit Fried in Batter

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Cut up a rabbit into joints, and put them in a basin with a sliced onion, some sprigs of parsley, thyme and bay-leaf, a little pepper and salt, a tablespoonful of oil, and a tablespooniul of Crosse and Blackwell's ravigotte vinegar; allow the pieces of rabbit to remain in this seasoning for three hours, tossing it over occasionally so as to admit of its becoming thoroughly impregnated with its aroma. A quarter of an hour before dinner-time, dip each piece of rabbit in some frying batter, No. 290, and drop each successively into some very hot lard, to be fried of a light colour; and when the pieces are become crisp, drain and dish them tip with fried parsley, and serve maitre-d'hotel sauce, No. 32, separately.

No. 641