Curried Rabbit and Rice

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Cut a rabbit into joints, and fry them in a stewpan with half a pound of streaky bacon cut in square pieces; the bacon should be fried first, then add the rabbit, and when all is browned, add six onions sliced very thin, and two sour apples peeled and sliced; season with a clove of garlic and salt, and a large tablespoonful of Captain White's curry paste; put the lid on and set the whole to stew very gently over a slow fire for about three-quarters of an hour: when the rabbit is done quite tender, remove the pieces into another stewpan; shake in a little flour, add a piece of glaze and a gill of stock or water to the onions, &c, and stir the sauce over the fire for ten minutes; rub it through a tammy or hair sieve; pour it to the pieces of rabbits, warm altogether; dish up neatly, and serve plain rice separately.

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