Lamb's Sweetbreads Scolloped

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First blanch—that is, parboil the lamb's breads for five minutes to set them firm; drain and put them on a plate until cold, slice them in small scollops, fry them with an ounce of butter in a sautapan, season with nutmeg, pepper and salt, the juice of half a lemon; shake in a tablespoonful of flour, and some sliced button mushrooms, moisten with a gill of cream, move the whole gently over the fire to simmer for a few minutes, then add two raw yolks of eggs; mix well and gently, and use this to fill a vol-au-vent, rice border, or else some small scollop-shells or paper cases; the latter are to be covered over with fried bread-crumbs, and after being made hot in the oven, are to be salamandered unless already sufficiently coloured.

No. 614