Supreme of Fowl a la Royals

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Trim the fillets of two fowls—which, by making use of the reversed skins of the large fillets to envelope the minion or smaller ones, will produce eight fillets;

Supreme of Fowl a la Royale

These are to be placed in a sautapan in clarified butter, seasoned with a little salt, and covered with a round of buttered paper; and about ten minutes before dinnertime, are to be placed on the fire just the time required to set them,—that is, as soon as the under part of the fillets begins to whiten, they must be removed from the fire, and being turned, and replaced on the fire again, must—as soon as they are also whitened on that side, be drained, trimmed and dished up on a border of vegetables, No. 523 (already turned out on its dish), a ring of truffle or tongue placed on each fillet, the centre of the entree filled with a Macedoine of vegetables, No. 101, and some supreme poured round the base.

No. 615