Roast Pheasant

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Draw the pheasant by making a small opening at the vent; make an incision along the back part of the neck; loosen the pouch, &c, with the fingers, and then remove it; singe the body of the pheasant and its legs over the flames of a charcoal fire, or with a piece of lighted paper; rub the scaly cuticle off the legs with a cloth; trim away the claws and spurs; cut off the neck close up to the back, leaving the skin of the breast entire; wipe the pheasant clean, and then truss it in the following manner: viz.,—place the pheasant upon its breast, run a trussing-needle and string through the left pinion (the wings being removed); then turn the bird over on its back, and place the thumb and forefinger of the left hand across the breast, holding the legs erect; thrust the needle through the middle joint of both thighs, draw it out, and then pass it through the other pinion, and fasten the strings at the back; next, pass the needle throngh the hollow of the back, just below the thighs, thrust it again through the legs and body, and tie the strings tightly; this will give it an appearance of plumpness. Spit and roast the pheasant before a brisk fire for about half an hour, frequently basting it; when done, send to table with brown gravy under it, and bread sauce separately in a boat.

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