Roast Rabbit

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Truss these in the same manner as hares, then spit and roast them before a rather brisk fire, frequently basting them; ten minutes before taking them up, baste the rabbits with the following preparation:—mix a gill of cream with a tablespoonful of flour, some chopped parsley, two yolks of egg, pepper, salt, and nutmeg; mask the rabbits entirely with this, and as soon as it has dried on them, baste them with some fresh butter This not only adds to the attractive appearance of the rabbits, but it concentrates their gravy, and prevents them from becoming dry, which generally occurs when roasted according to the common practice. When done, take the rabbits up with care, to avoid breaking off the light-brown crust formed upon them; dish them up; pour some sauce—prepared as follows—under them, and serve. Boil the livers, chop them fine, and put them into a small stewpan with chopped parsley, a small piece of glaze, a pat of butter, a spoonful of sauce, pepper and salt, grated lemon-peel, nutmeg and a spoonful of gravy; stir this over the fire until it boils, and use it as directed above.

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