Woodcocks and Snipes

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These are both trussed and roasted in the same manner. First pick them entirely, neck and head; then twist the legs at the joints, so as to bring the feet down upon the thighs; run their bill through the thighs and body, and fasten a noose with string round the bend of the joints, across the lower part of the breast; bring-both ends round the head and tip of the bill, and. fasten it on the back; cover the woodcocks with layers of bacon, and tie these round with string; roast them before the fire for about five-and-twenty minutes, frequently basting them with butter or dripping, place some toasted bread under the birds to receive the droppings from the trail; and when they are done, dish them up with a piece of the toast under each, and watercresses round them. Serve some plain butter sauce separately in a boat.

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