Roast Larks

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Cut off the heads and legs, and pick out the gizzards at the sides with the point of a small knife; season with chopped parsley, pepper, salt, and nutmeg; rub the larks over with beaten yolks of eggs, bread-crumb them, sprinkle them with clarified butter, and roll them in bread-crumbs a second time; then run them on a lark-spit, fasten this on a common spit, and roast them before a very brisk fire for about a quarter of an hour, basting them with fresh butter melted in a spoon before the fire. When done, dish them up in rows, or in a circle; fill the centre with bread-crumbs fried of a light-brown colour, in a sautapan with butter, and serve them with the sauce recommended for ruffs and rees.

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