Artichokes a la Barigoule

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Trim some small artichokes, and with the handle of an iron tablespoon scoop out all the fibrous part inside. Put about a pound of clean hog's-lard into a frying-pan on the fire, and when quite hot, fry the bottom of the artichokes in it for about three minutes; then turn them upside down, and fry the tips of the leaves also; drain them upon a cloth, to absorb all the grease, and fill them with a similar preparation to that directed for tomatas a la Provencale; tie them up with string, and place them in a large stewpan or fricandeau-pan; moisten with a little good stock; put the lid on; place them in the oven to simmer for about an hour; when done, drain them upon a cloth; remove the strings; fill the centre of each artichoke with some Italian sauce; dish them up with some of the sauce, and serve.

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