French Timbale

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Daub or interlard—that is, run long square pieces of seasoned bacon by means of a large daubing, or larding-pin (see Adams' Illustrations), through about three pounds of white veal cut from the leg; cut this in thick slices across the grain of the meat, and put them aside on a plate. Next prepare some forcemeat, No. 188; and make two pounds of short-paste, No. 952, and use two-thirds of this to line a plain round or oval mould previously greased with butter: line the pie with a thin coating of the forcemeat, and fill it with alternate layers of the slices of veal, cooked ham, and forcemeat, taking care to season with aromatic spices, No. 671, and pepper and salt in between each layer; cover in the timbale with a rolled-out piece of the paste; weld the edge; cut it even, and pinch it round with pastry-pincers (see Adams' Illustrations); ornament the surface with leaves cut out of the paste; egg it over, and bake it for about two hours and a half; and about half an hour after it is removed from the oven, make a hole at the top, to pour in the thin glaze made from the bones and trimmings of the veal and a calf's foot, &c.

No. 732