Albert Biscuits

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Ingredients:—Ten ounces of pounded sugar, eight ounces of finely-chopped almonds, six ounces of flour, twelve yolks and fourteen whites of eggs, two ounces of candied orange-peel shred fine, a teaspoonful of cinnamon-powder, half that quantity of ground cloves, and a little grated lemon-rind.

Work the sugar and the almonds with the yolks and two whites of eggs for twenty minutes, then incorporate the remaining twelve whites, firmly whisked together, with the flour, candied-peel, and spices; next, pour the batter into a convenient-sized paper-case, and bake it in a moderate oven; and when done and sufficiently cold, let it be cut up into thin slices for dishing up.

This preparation may also be baked in small moulds, or forced out upon paper or baking-sheets, previously buttered and floured for the purpose.

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