Russian Biscuits

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Ingredients:—Eight ounces of pounded sugar, ten eggs, six ounces of flour, four ounces of almonds pounded and dried over the fire in a sugar-boiler, a quarter of an ounce of aniseed:—

Let the yolks of the eggs and the sugar be whisked, together in an egg-bowl over a slow fire until they present the appearance of a thick batter; the whites previously whisked firm, must now be lightly added, as also the flour, pounded almonds, and aniseed.

The batter thus produced may either be baked in small moulds, or, as is most appropriate for these biscuits, they should be baked in long tin moulds, or, failing these, in stout paper-cases, ten inches long by three inches deep, and two and a half inches wide.

When the last-named are baked, and have been allowed to become thoroughly cold, cut them into rather thin slices, which being placed on baking-sheets, should he again baked of a very light colour on both sides.

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