Almond Gauffres

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Ingredients required:—Eight ounces of Jordan almonds (either chopped extremely fine, or else cut into very fine shreds), four ounces of pounded sugar, a good table-spoonful of flour, two whole eggs, and a very little salt; flavour with orange-flower water, or flowers (candied).

Mix the almonds, sugar, flour, and the flavouring together in a basin with a wooden spoon. Then heat a baking-sheet in the oven; rub it all over equally with a piece of white wax, and when this has cooled, spread the gauffres very thinly over it with a fork; put them in the oven (at a slow heat), and when they are about half baked, withdraw them, and with a circular tin cutter, about two inches in diameter, stamp out as many gauffres as the sheet will admit of, and put them back again in the oven that they may acquire a light-fawn colour: they should then be instantly taken out, and formed in the shape of small cornucopia—two or three persons assisting so as to finish them off before they have time to get cold, as in that case they become brittle and consequently unmanageable; but when it happens that one person only is able to attend to them, it will be necessary to keep the gauffres at the entrance of the oven while they are shaped, and, as they are finished, to place them on another baking-sheet.

These gauffres may also be cut into pieces two inches square, and coiled round a small roller in the form of barrels; the ends of these, after being first covered with whipped white of egg mixed with a little sugar, should then be dipped in some finely-chopped pistachios, and placed on a baking-sheet to dry in the screen; in either case they may be filled with whipped cream, seasoned with vanilla, orange-flowers, or maraschino, and some strawberries placed on the top of this: they are sometimes also garnished with vanilla-cream ice.

Note.—This kind of gauffres may be varied in their appearance, by strewing some currants, or finely-shred or chopped pistachios over the surface, previously to their being placed in the oven.

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