French Gauffres

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Ingredients required:—Eight ounces of flour, four ounces of pounded sugar, one pint of whipped cream, eight eggs, one stick of vanilla, a little salt, and a glass of curacoa.

Place the flour, sugar, and salt in a basin; then add the yolks of eggs, the pounded vanilla, and the curacoa, and mix these well together, gradually adding the whipped cream just before using the batter; add the whipped whites of eggs, and mix them in lightly so as to thoroughly incorporate them with it.

Bake these gauffres in the same way as the foregoing, observing, however, that the iron be very carefully heated, and the superfluous heat allowed to go off previously to filling them with the batter, for owing to the presence of sugar in their composition, they readily acquire colour. When done, shake some vanilla sugar over them, and send to table.

These gauffres may be spread with some kind of preserve; such as apricot, currant jelly, &c.

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