Champagne Biscuits

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Ingredients:—Eight ounces of flour, eight ounces of pounded sugar, eight ounces of fresh butter, eight eggs, a quarter of an ounce of carraway-seeds, a pinch of salt.

Place the butter in a basin, and work it with a wooden spoon until it presents the appearance of thick cream; then add the sugar, flour, yolks of eggs, the Carraway-seeds and salt, gradually; after which mix in the eight whites of eggs, previously whisked firm for the purpose; you now procure a sheet of stout cartridge paper, which must be folded in reverse plaits, so that, when the paper is opened, it may present the appearance of the plaits of a fan, thus forming angular trenches about an inch deep. Next, fill a biscuit-forcer with some of the batter, and proceed to force out some finger like biscuits into the aforesaid paper trenches of about three inches long; shake some sifted sugar over these, and bake them of a light colour in a very moderate oven.

These cakes are fit only for dessert.

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