German Kouglauffe

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Ingredients:—Two pounds of flour, one pound and a quarter of butter, eight whole eggs, and eight yolks; one and a half ounce of German-yeast, four ounces of sugar, half an ounce of cinnamon-powder, and grated lemon-peel, or the rind of lemon-peel rubbed on lump-sugar and afterwards scraped off; half an ounce of salt, half a pint of double cream, and six ounces of Jordan almonds.

First, place the butter in a convenient-sized white kitchen-pan, and work it with a clean wooden spoon for about ten minutes, by which time the butter should present the appearance of a thick cream; the cinnamon, lemon and sugar, the pounded sugar, about one-fourth part of the flour, and three eggs, should then be added, and the whole quickly worked together for a few minutes; then add the remainder of the flour and eggs gradually, still continuing to work the paste with a wooden spoon. When the whole has been used up, spread the paste out in the centre, and add the yeast (previously dissolved with the salt in the cream made tepid for the purpose); work the whole thoroughly, then pour this batter into a large mould, previously spread with butter; split the almonds and place them round the inside of the mould in close order. Bake the kouglauffe in an oven of moderate heat. Its colour should be of a bright-reddish yellow.

In Germany, it is customary to shake some cinnamon-sugar all over this kind of cake, as soon as it is turned out of the mould.

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